2013-2014 Distinguished Scholars Series

The Distinguished Scholars Series brings nationally and internationally renowned experts to Roanoke to explore such topics as what makes a human brain human, how robotics can help restore quality of life to stroke survivors, and what role aging plays in cancer development.

“The Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute is bringing some of the world’s leading medical researchers and scientific thought leaders to Roanoke as part of our mission to engage the community in the excitement and promise of scientific research,” says Michael Friedlander, PhD, executive director of the institute and host of the seminar series. "We’re absolutely delighted to be able to share the insights of such highly sought after experts in such a range of fascinating topics. We're also very proud to introduce these speakers to the new partnership that Virginia Tech and the Carilion Clinic have forged for bringing the future of medical science to the Roanoke region."

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