Craig Ramey

Craig Ramey, PhD

Professor and Distinguished Research Scholar, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Professor of Psychology, Virginia Tech

Professor of Pediatrics, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Research Program Summary

My program of research centers on the role of experience – across the human lifespan - in the development of competence. My research relies largely on experimental interventions in education, psychology, and pediatrics that provide rigorous tests of plausible developmental mechanism of change. In addition, I engage both epidemiological and longitudinal datasets to provide a broad contextual framework for identifying the multiple, inter-related conditions that influence biopsychosocial risk, protective, and facilitating factors. My research findings are highly relevant to many national and international policy issues. Accordingly, I have extended my research into topics that address “going-to-scale” and rapid application of scientific findings that can prevent disabilities, promote children’s education and health outcomes, and improve family and community well-being. This new field of “implementation science” represents a new frontier for the neurosciences and for educating health practitioners ands policymakers. The Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute affords me a unique opportunity to pursue my research interests in collaboration with scientists, scholars, and practitioners who themselves are challenging old paradigms and forging a new frontier in human developmental science.

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Education and Training

  • West Virginia University: Ph.D., Life Span Developmental Psychology
  • University of California Berkeley: Postdoctoral fellowship, Human Development

Previous Positions

  • Georgetown University Director, Georgetown University Center on Health and Education
    Distinguished Professor, Health Studies and Psychiatry

Selected Publications

  • Campbell, F.A., Pungello, E., Kainz, K., Burchinal, M., Yi, P, Wasik, B.H., Barbarin, O., Sparling, J.J., & Ramey, C.T. (2012). Adult outcomes as a function of an early childhood educational program: An Abecedarian project follow-up. Developmental Psychology.
  • Pungello, E.P., Kainz, K., Burchinal, M., Wasik, B.H., Sparling, J.J. Ramey, C.T., & Campbell, F.A. (2010). Early educational intervention, early cumulative risk, and the early home environment as predictors of young adult outcomes within a high-risk sample. Child Development 81, 410-426.
  • Ramey, C.T., & Ramey, S.L. (2010). Head Start: Strategies to improve outcomes for children living in poverty. In: R. Haskins and W.S. Barnett (Ed.), Investing in Young Children: New Directions in Federal and Early Childhood Policy. (pp. 59-67).Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press.
  • Ramey, C.T., Ramey, S.L., & Stokes, B.R. (2009). Research evidence about program dosage and student achievement: Effective public prekindergarten programs in Maryland and Louisiana. In: R. Pianta & C. Howes (Ed.), The Promise of Pre-K. (pp. 79-105).Baltimore: Brookes Publishing.
  • Campbell, F.A., Wasik, B.H., Pungello, E., Burchinal, M., Barbarin, O., Kainz, K., Sparling, J.J., & Ramey, C.T. (2008). Young adult outcomes from the Abecedarian and CARE early childhood educational interventions. Early Childhood Research Quarterly 23, 452-466.
  • Ramey, C.T. & Ramey, S.L. (2006). Early learning and school readiness: Can early intervention make a difference? In: N.F. Watt, C.C. Ayoub, R.H. Bradley, J.E. Puma, & W.A. Lebeouf (Ed.), The crisis in youth mental health: Critical issues and effective programs. Early intervention programs and policies. (pp. 291-317).Westport: Praeger Press.
  • Ramey, C.T., & Ramey, S.L. (2004). Early learning and school readiness: Can early intervention make a difference? Merrill-Palmer Quarterly 50, 471-491.
  • Ramey, C.T., Campbell, F.A., Burchinal, M., Skinner, M.L., Gardner, D.M., & Ramey, S.L. (2000). Persistent effects of early childhood education on high-risk children and their mothers. Applied Developmental Science 4, 2-14.
  • Ramey, C.T., & Ramey, S.L. (1998). Early intervention and early experience. American Psychologist 53, 109-120.
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