Mikhail Koffarnus

Mikhail Koffarnus, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Koffarnus's research focuses on understanding drug abuse and developing drug abuse treatments from behavioral economic and pharmacological perspectives. Decision-making processes are often disrupted in drug users, leading to a systematic preference for immediately available rewards like drugs over delayed rewards like improved health or gainful employment. One of the areas he studies involves how these impulsive versus self-controlled choices are involved in drug abuse and whether modifying these decision-making patterns can improve drug abuse treatment prospects. Additionally, he is interested in these same decision-making patterns that underlie other problematic health behavior such as overeating.

Education and Training

  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: Postdoctoral fellowship, Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit
  • University of Michigan: Ph.D., Biopsychology

Previous Positions

  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Postdoctoral fellow

Selected Publications

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