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  • November

    • Family-Wide Impacts of Genetics: The Case of Fragile X

      Mutations in a single gene (FMR1) on the X chromosome are passed from parent to child across multiple generations and eventually become severe enough to result in a range of ...

    • Autism: New Mutations, Genes, and Pathways

      In this lecture, Evan Eichler, PhD, will summarize his laboratory’s recent finding regarding the discovery of rare, large copy number variants (CNVs) and their contribution to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) ...

  • April

    • Changing Fear

      Animal models of fear learning provide a basis for understanding human fears. In her lecture, Dr. Phelps will explore how the neural mechanisms identified in animal models are consistent with ...

    • New Imaging Approaches for Cardiac Structure and Function

      Dr. Kohl’s research focuses on cardiac mechano-electric interactions. He will present novel imaging approaches, developed by his team and collaborators, to explore the crosstalk between these functions and myocardial structure. ...

    • Understanding Biological Systems: Mission Impossible?

      What is systems biology? How does it differ from biomedical studies of the building blocks of human life, such as the human genome? And why do we need it? Part ...

    • Nanoparticles in Action

      Scientists at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute have imaged, for the first time, nanoparticles in action in a liquid environment.

  • February

  • January

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