Science magazine cites the work of Craig Ramey in a report on the science of education

Craig Ramey, Ph.D.

Craig Ramey, Ph.D.

Research is still trying to answer a question that Craig Ramey, PhD, posed nearly forty years ago: how early should early education start?

Science magazine recently highlighted that question—and Ramey's work—in a special report on the science of education. Ramey, a pioneer in understanding the factors that contribute to children's early cognitive development, is now a Distinguished Research Scholar at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute.

In “Past Successes Shape Effort to Expand Early Intervention,” part of the special report, author Jeffrey Mervis highlighted the Abecedarian Project, which Ramey founded in 1972.

The article noted that the project has provided innovative insights into the factors that contribute to positive outcomes for at-risk children who receive intensive support in the early years of life.