Gene Server: How May I Direct Your Protein?

Gene Server: How May I Direct Your Protein?

Scientific research is the curious child asking “Why?” or “How?” at every answer, delving into deeper and deeper subsets of what may have seemed like a relatively simple question. Once the hows and whys of the initial inquiry are exhausted, scientists must find another “What?” to answer.

A newly developed search engine is now available to find the connections between research questions.

EvoCor is the web-server answer to all scientists who are ready to move to a new gene in their research. The server is accessed through a simple search bar function – much like Google. Simply enter a gene and EvoCor will compare the expression pattern of all genes to generate a list of candidate genes that function together with the query gene to drive a cellular process – from generating more energy for the cell to clearing cellular debris. The scientist can use this list for the next stage of research. And once the other genes are known, the scientist can strategically study their function alone and as part of the larger network of genes.

Gregorio Valdez, PhD

What’s Cool:
EvoCor is free and open access. While scientists are the most likely users of the server, anyone can use it to research which genes are functionally similar.

Learn More:
Deeper than, ‘EvoCor’ identifies gene relationships

Where to Find It:
Dittmar WJ, McIver L, Michalak P, Garner HR, Valdez G. EvoCor: A platform for prediction functionally related genes using phylogenetic and expression profiles. Nucleic Acids Research, 2014.

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