Regeneration and rehabilitation are broad fields that includes body-device interfaces and tissue engineering, as well as incorporating research into the engagement of the body’s repair and regeneration processes to restore damaged tissues and organs. VTCRI scientists are focused on developing next-generation biomaterials and devices to interface with the body including the heart, brain and connective tissues. Methods to place materials in the human body to help heal soft and hard tissues, or develop devices to facilitate the function of organs that have failed, represent exciting translational research opportunities to enhance patient care and quality of life. Likewise, the repair of wounds and ulcers in diabetes, and scar reduction after surgery including breast reconstruction after cancer, are important focus areas at the Research Institute. This is where laboratory discoveries move into the real world to address health care needs.

Recent News

Little girl

March 14, 2018

VTCRI researchers join forces to improve life for children with genetic disorder

Accomplishments of three girls who received intensive therapy at the VTCRI Neuromotor Research Clinic based on innovative pediatric neurorehabilitation research have been documented in a ...

Mark F. Bear, Ph.D.

Oct. 13, 2017

Leading brain development, disabilities expert to open VTCRI Distinguished Public Lecture Series

A renowned neuroscientist who focuses on how new experiences trigger the brain to modify its own form and function — known as brain plasticity — ...

Rob Gourdie

May 24, 2017

Regenerative medicine researcher’s startup companies give hope to patients

Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute scientist takes an entrepreneurial route to deliver new treatments for wound healing and cancer to patients.

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Baby Children with Hemiparesis Arm and Hand Movement Project (CHAMP) Study

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Children with Hemiparesis Arm and Hand Movement Project (CHAMP) Study

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Episodic future thinking and real-time fMRI

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