VTCRI professor Warren Bickel delivers talks on role of dysfunctional decision-making in substance abuse, addiction

Warren Bickel, professor in the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, director of the Institute’s Center for Substance Abuse and professor of psychology in the College of Science at Virginia Tech, has been invited by multiple universities and associations to share his new discoveries on how the brain’s decision-making processes can be strengthened through cognitive training. This research is providing new avenues for enhancing working memory as one way to facilitate the valuation of decisions that impact the future – a potentially important aspect of managing behaviors associated with addiction and substance abuse.

Bickel presented invited seminars on this research at Duke University’s Institute for Brain Sciences on March 14. He will present an invited talk and chair the session on behavioral economics at the Association of Behavioral Analysis International on March 25-27.

On April 19-21, Bickel will present two invited seminars at Texas A&M University’s Department of Psychology. There, he will present the keynote address associated with his receiving the Don Hake Translational Science Award at the American Psychological Association on August 4.

In February 2012, Bickel will speak at the inaugural activities of their new neuro-economic research center at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.