Brian Gilmore

Brian Gilmore

Senior Research Associate


Office phone: 540-526-2038

Office location: R-2042

Email address:

Brian Gilmore (MS, University of Iowa) provides biochemical support for the structural study of BRCA1 using molecular electron microscopy (EM). He also provides technical support for the development of new methodologies using EM and assists in the maintenance and operation of the microscope.

Selected Publications

Liang Y, Dearnaley WJ, Varano AC, Winton CE, Gilmore BL, Alden NA, Sheng Z, Kelly DF. (2017). Structural analysis of BRCA1 reveals modification hotspot. Science Advances 3(9).

Gilmore BL, Winton CE, Demmert AC, Tanner JR, Bowman S, Karageorge V, Patel K, Sheng Z, Kelly DF. (2015). A Molecular Toolkit to Visualize Native Protein Assemblies in the Context of Human Disease. Scientific Reports 5.