Cameron Varano

Cameron Varano

Graduate Student


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Cameron Varano is a graduate student in Virginia Tech’s Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health program.

Selected Publications

Liang Y, Dearnaley WJ, Varano AC, Winton CE, Gilmore BL, Alden NA, Sheng Z, Kelly DF. (2017). Structural analysis of BRCA1 reveals modification hotspot. Science Advances 3(9).

Rahimi A, Varano AC, Demmert AC, Melanson LA, McDonald SM, Kelly DF. (2015). A non-symmetric reconstruction technique for transcriptionally-active viral assemblies. Journal of Analytical and Molecular Techniques 2: 1-6.

Varano AC, Rahimi A, Dukes MJ, Poelzing S, McDonald SM, Kelly DF. (2015). Visualizing virus particle mobility in liquid at the nanoscale. Chemical Communications 2: 1-6.