Jessie Mann

Jessie Mann

Graduate Student

Jessie Mann is a graduate student in Virginia Tech’s Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health program. She is a doctoral candidate whose research interests include tele-rehabilitation, patient-centered assessment/goal development, and exploring the use of intensive neuromotor interventions for novel patient populations. Jessie received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Washington and Lee University and received a Masters of Science in Science and Technology Studies from Virginia Tech for her research on avatar-based neurorehabilitation. She hopes to pursue her post-graduate career in furthering the science around neurorehabilitation, patient-center treatment goals, and neuroscience.

Selected Publications

Mann J. (2018). The Philosophy of Art and Technology . In: Pitt JC, She A (Ed.), Spaces for the Future. New York, NY: Routledge.

Mann J, Polys N, Diana R, Ananth M, Herald B, Platel S. (2017). Virginia tech's study hall: A virtual method of loci mnemotechnic study using a neurologically-based, mechanism-driven, approach to immersive learning research. Virtual Reality (VR), 2017 IEEE .