Jianmin Su

Jianmin Su, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor


Office phone: 540-526-2145

Office location: R1070

Email address: sujm@vtc.vt.edu

Dr. Jianmin Su works in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Fox exploring the cellular and molecular mechanisms that drive synapse formation—synaptic targeting, synaptic differentiation and maturation. For more details, please see Dr. Michael Fox’s website at http://research.vtc.vt.edu/employees/michael-fox-phd/.

Education and Training

  • Virginia Commonwealth University: Postdoctoral fellowship , Medical School/Anatomy
  • Fudan University: Ph.D. , Medicine

Previous Positions

  • Research Associate, Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, MCV, Virginia Commonwealth University

Selected Publications

Monavarfeshani A, Knill CN, Sabbagh U, Su J, Fox MA. (2017). Region- and Cell-Specific Expression of Transmembrane Collagens in Mouse Brain. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience .

Singh R, Su J, Brooks JM, Terauchi A, Umemori H, Fox MA. (2012). Fibroblast growth factor 22 contributes to the development of retinal nerve terminals in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 4: 61.

Su J, Stenbjorn RS, Gorse K, Su K, Hauser KF, Ricard-Blum S, Pihlajaniemi T, Fox MA. (2012). Target-derived matricryptins organize cerebellar synapse formation through α3β1 integrins. Cell Reports 2(2): 223-30.