Publications by Leslie LaConte

LaConte LE, Chavan V, Liang C, Willis J, Schönhense EM, Schoch S, Mukherjee K. (2016). CASK stabilizes neurexin and links it to liprin-a in a neuronal activity-dependent manner. Cell Mol Life Sci: [Epub ahead print] doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0088276.

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Nitin N, LaConte L, Rhee WJ, Bao G. (2009). Tat peptide is capable of importing large nanoparticles across nuclear membrane in digitonin permeabilized cells. Ann Biomed Eng 37(10): 2018-27.

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LaConte LE, Voelz V, Nelson W, Enz M, Thomas DD. (2002). Molecular dynamics simulation of site-directed spin labeling: experimental validation in muscle fibers. Biophys J 83(4): 1854-66.

Brust-Mascher I, LaConte LE, Baker JE, Thomas DD. (1999). Myosin light-chain domain rotates upon muscle activation but not ATP hydrolysis. Biochemistry 38(39): 12607-13.

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