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Scientists discover cellular structure of poorly understood visual brain region

June 16, 2020

The brain’s ventral lateral geniculate nucleus (vLGN) receives signals from the eye, but it is not associated with classical image-forming. For decades little was known about this brain region’s cellular ...

New study shows how common parasitic infection can cause seizures and psychiatric illness for some

March 31, 2020, updated March 31, 2020

Forty million Americans are infected with a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. For most patients, the infection is mild, while others develop seizures or psychiatric disorders. New research by scientists at ...

Fralin Biomedical Research Institute scientists shed light on how to protect optic nerve from genetic harm

March 18, 2020

The brain devotes more space to vision than to all other senses combined, according to the Dana Foundation, which is coordinating a global education initiative this week to focus attention ...

Doctoral student named Society for Neuroscience Policy ambassador

March 5, 2020

Ubadah Sabbagh, a doctoral candidate in Virginia Tech’s translational biology, medicine, and health program who conducts research at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC, has been selected as one ...

Fralin Biomedical Research Institute scientists shed light on surprising visual development patterns

Jan. 20, 2020

In a new study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC neuroscientists reveal a surprising clue about how this ...

Ubadah Sabbagh thrives on collaboration

Sept. 10, 2019

Ubadah Sabbagh doesn’t just see the potential for what Virginia Tech can do at its growing academic health center in Roanoke. He lives it.

Fralin Biomedical Research Institute to present the good, bad, and ugly at 7th Annual Brain School

March 5, 2019

Experts will share extraordinary facts about about the brain during this series of community lectures in Roanoke from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m., Monday, March 11 through Thursday, March 14.

Roanoke-based Virginia Tech graduate student selected as a Society for Neuroscience fellow

Nov. 2, 2018

Ubadah Sabbagh, a doctoral student in Virginia Tech’s Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health (TBMH) Graduate Program, was one of 15 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers named as a Society for ...

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