Sora Shin


Office phone: 540-526-2224

Office location: R3007

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Sora Shin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC

Assistant Professor, Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

How does the harsh early environment affect mental health in adulthood? How are unfulfilled needs in early life stored and transduced into behavioral dysfunctions after a long time? What processes are set into motion that link stress experiences to symptoms of eating disorders or major depression in later life?

To address these questions, the Shin laboratory aims to understand the role of brain circuit-specific mechanisms using translationally relevant animal models of stress-induced psychiatric diseases. Given the circuit and synaptic complexity of the brain, the characterization of specific neural circuitry underpinning behavioral abnormalities has been challenging. However, several technical advances have given us the opportunity to more thoroughly understand circuit function. Specifically, the combination of optogenetics, in vivo imaging and viral tracing techniques has revolutionized modern neuroscience and will provide new opportunities for exploring the novel function of brain circuits. The Shin laboratory uses these techniques as well as classical approaches such as surgical and pharmacologic manipulations with goal of providing a therapeutic approach for treating psychiatric symptoms caused by stress experiences.

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Education and Training

  • Yonsei University College of Medicine: Ph.D. , Medical Science
  • Sungkyunkwan University College of Medicine: M.S. , Physiology
  • Chung-Ang University: B.S. , Biological Science

Previous Positions

  • University of California, San Diego, Division of Biological Sciences, Neurobiology Section
    Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Yonsei University College of Medicine, Department of Neuropharmocology
    Teaching Assistant

Awards and Honors

  • Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind (KIBM) innovative research grant award, 2018
  • Travel Award for Stress Neurobiology Workshop, 2018
  • Postdoctoral fellowship award, Tobacco-related disease research program, 2016
  • Korean Society of Pharmacology Award for excellent poster presentation, 2013
  • Korean Society for Brain and Neural Science Award for excellent poster presentation, 2013

Selected Publications

Shin S, Pribiag H, Lilascharoen V, Knowland D, Wang XY, Lim BK. (2018). Drd3 signaling in the lateral septum mediates early life stress-induced social dysfunction. Neuron .

Knowland D, Lilascharoen V, Pacia CP, Shin S, Wang EH, Lim BK. (2017). Distinct ventral pallidal neural populations mediate separate symptoms of depression. Cell .

Shin S*, Kwon O*, Kang JI, Kwon S, Oh S, Choi J, Kim CH, Kim DG. (2015). mGluR5 in the nucleus accumbens is critical for promoting resilience to chronic stress. Nature Neuroscience .