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  • Immunological Mechanisms of Allergic Diseases and Asthma

    Speaker: Hirohito Kita, MD, Walter and Leonore Annenberg Professor of Pulmonary Medicine and Professor in Medicine and Immunology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

    In his seminar, Dr. Kita will provide an overview regarding hypersensitivity responses and immunological mechanisms of various allergic diseases, including bronchial asthma. Dr. Kita will discuss recent advances in the ...

  • Deciphering the Mechanisms of Actin Filament Architecture in Striated Muscle

    Speaker: Carol Gregorio, PhD, Director of the Molecular Cardiovascular Research Program, Head of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Co-Director of the Sarver Heart Center, Luxford/Schoolcraft Endowed Professor of Cardiovascular Disease Research, University of Arizona School of Medicine, Phoenix, Arizona

    Striated muscle cells contain arrays of protein filaments assembled into contractile units that are nearly crystalline in structure. Since efficient contraction is predicated upon accurate overlap of thin and thick ...

  • Influenza Virus Host Tropism

    Speaker: Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Professor of Microbiology, Director of the Global Health and Emerging Pathogens Institute, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Hospital, New York, New York

    Dr. Garcia-Sastre will discuss the ability of specific animal influenza viruses to infect humans and the concerns about pandemic potential. His laboratory is studying the determinants associated with increased human ...

  • Pulmonary Hypertension: Has It Become a “Forgettable” Disease?

    Speaker: Robert Bourge, MD, Professor of Medicine, Radiology, and Surgery, Vice-Chair for Clinical Affairs and Development, Department of Medicine, E.A. and Abbie Drummond Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Dr. Bourge will lead an interactive discussion of the methods to screen, diagnose, and treat this previously almost uniformly fatal disease, concentrating on recent advances in disease detection and therapy.

  • Epigenetics and the Immune System

    Speaker: Jeremy Boss, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia

    Epigenetics refers to the processes by which cells inherit information that dictate their ultimate properties and functions. Dr. Boss's seminar will focus on how these processes control the ability of ...

  • Unraveling the Pathogenesis of Respiratory and Enteric Viruses in Normal and High-Risk Populations

    Speaker: Stacey Schultz-Cherry, PhD, Faculty Member and Associate, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Center for Excellence in Influenza Research and Surveillance and the World Health Organization Collaborating Center, Memphis, Tennessee

    Dr. Schultz-Cherry’s talk will focus on understanding the pathogenesis of influenza virus in high risk populations. Specifically, she will discuss unpublished studies that uncovered a previously unrecognized role for an ...

  • Imaging Mammalian Heart and Vessel Development: Insights into Vascular Remodeling and Congenital Heart Disease

    Speaker: Mary Dickinson, PhD, Professor, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

    Dr. Dickinson's seminar will describe insights derived from the use of optical imaging and microscopy to study the early function of the mouse heart, mechanical forces needed to promote outward ...

  • Bioprinting 3-Dimensional Vascular Networks

    Speaker: Roger R. Markwald, PhD, Distinguished University Professor Chair, Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology, Director, Cardiovascular Developmental Biology Center, Medical University of South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina

    Screening the DNA of large multigenerational families has pinpointed two genes--filamin-A (FLNA) and daschsous 1 (DCHS1)--that, when mutated, result in mitral valve prolapse, a common cardiac degenerative disease that often ...

  • Fattening Up Our Immunological Memory

    Speaker: Susan Kaech, PhD, Associate Professor of Immunobiology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Scientist, Yale University School of Medicine

    Memory T cells are long-lived and IL-7 and IL-15 are critical survival factors. Dr. Kaech's laboratory has uncovered a new role for IL-7 in promoting memory T cell survival through ...

  • Hepatopulmonary Syndrome: Bedside to Bench and Back Again

    Speaker: Michael Fallon, MD, Director, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston

    The hepatopulmonary syndrome is a unique complication of chronic liver disease, resulting from alterations in the pulmonary microcasculature, that lead to hypoxemia. Its presence increases mortality in cirrhosis and the ...

  • Molecular Architecture of the Circadian Clock in Mammals

    Speaker: Joseph S. Takahashi, PhD, Lloyd B. Sands Distinguished Chair in Neuroscience, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas, Texas

    The circadian clock mechanism in animals involves an autoregulatory transcriptional feedback loop in which CLOCK and BMAL1 activate the transcription of the Period and Cryptochrome genes. The PERIOD and CRYPTOCHROME ...

  • Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease: New Insights Reveal Provocative Complexities

    Speaker: Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD, Hudson Professor of Pediatrics, Children's National Medical Center, Associate Vice-President for Clinical and Translational Research, George Washington University, Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute, Children's National Medical Center, Washington, DC

  • Determinants of Drug Preference in Humans

    Speaker: Harriet de Wit, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, Behaviorial Neuroscience, and Biological Science, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

    Dr. de Wit will discuss her research the behavioral effects of drugs of abuse in healthy young adults. She will address several questions, including i) why individuals vary in their ...

  • Infectious Causes of Heart Failure: Viral Myocarditis

    Speaker: Kirk Knowlton, MD, Chief, Division of Cardiology, Edith and William M. Perlman Chair in Clinical Cardiology, University of California San Diego School of Medicine, San Diego, California

  • Novel Treatments for Smoking Cessation and Prevention of Relapse

    Speaker: A. Eden Evins, MD, MPH, Director, Center for Addiction Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, William Cox Family Associate Professor of Psychiatry in Addiction Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts

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