Brain Awareness Week 2015

It’s all in your head. Everything you need to imagine, to ponder, to remember, to invent. The Virginia Tech community will be celebrating that notable three-pound contraption – the human brain – during Brain Awareness Week.

Although the official, international commemoration of Brain Awareness Week will be March 16 to 22, the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute's events will take place throughout the month.

Brain Awareness Week Events for 2015

  • Food for Thought: Chefs Celebrate Brain Awareness Week

  • Understanding the Cerebral Cortex: The Legacy of Roanoke’s Vernon Mountcastle

    Speaker: Michael Friedlander, PhD

  • At the Crossroads: Art, Science, Research

  • Development of the Social Brain [Brain School 2015 seminar]

    Speaker: Pearl Chiu, PhD

  • The Developing Brain: Conception to Birth [Brain School 2015 seminar]

    Speaker: Michael Fox, PhD

  • How the Earliest Experiences in Life Affect a Baby’s Brain and Behavior [Brain School 2015 seminar]

    Speaker: Craig Ramey, PhD