Brain Awareness Week 2014

It’s all in your head. Everything you need to imagine, to ponder, to remember, to invent. The Virginia Tech community will be celebrating that notable three-pound contraption – the human brain – during Brain Awareness Week.

Although the official, international commemoration of Brain Awareness Week will be March 10 to 16, the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute's events will span from March 6 to 27, including Brain School, a series of free public lectures.

Brain Awareness Week Events for 2014

  • Your Brain on Art

    Speaker: Ann Harvey, PhD

  • Your Brain on Advertising

    Speaker: Ann Harvey, PhD

  • Brain Assembly: Making the Right Connections Through Genes and Experience [Brain School seminar]

    Speaker: Michael Fox, PhD

  • How Social Relationships Help Build (and Rehabilitate) Our Brains [Brain School seminar]

    Speaker: Sharon Ramey, PhD

  • The Biological Basis of How We Learn, Remember, and Use Information [Brain School seminar]

    Speaker: Michael Friedlander, PhD