Brain School 2014

Feeling muddled lately? Smarten up with Brain School 2014, a series of free public lectures that will illuminate some of the mysteries surrounding the brain. The school will run four consecutive evenings beginning March 6.

Brain School 2014 is free and open to the public. Brain School attendance is limited based on seating availability, though, so preregistration is required. Free parking is available in the nearby lot and parking garage.

Brain School 2014 is part of the institute’s commemoration of Brain Awareness Week.

Brain School Events for 2014

  • Brain Assembly: Making the Right Connections Through Genes and Experience [Brain School seminar]

    Speaker: Michael Fox, PhD

  • How Social Relationships Help Build (and Rehabilitate) Our Brains [Brain School seminar]

    Speaker: Sharon Ramey, PhD

  • The Biological Basis of How We Learn, Remember, and Use Information [Brain School seminar]

    Speaker: Michael Friedlander, PhD