Robert Gourdie

Robert Gourdie, PhD

Professor, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund Eminent Scholar in Heart Regenerative Medicine Research, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Director, Center for Heart and Regenerative Medicine Research, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Professor, Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences

Professor of Emergency Medicine, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Director of Emergency Medicine Research, Carilion Clinic

Research Program Summary

The research of the lab is on the subunit proteins of gap junctions—connexins. Our work encompasses both basic and practical/translational aspects. In basic research we study cellular and molecular mechanisms of the carboxyl terminal domain of Cx43 in regulating gap junction remodeling and electrical conduction in the normal and arrhythmic heart. In our more practically oriented work, we focus on Cx43 assignments in wound healing, scarring, and regeneration. The lab is developing a platform of drugs targeting Cx43 function. The first of our candidates is a mimetic of the carboxyl terminus of Cx43(aCT1). Based on our results in skin and heart, we have been granted three patents in regenerative medicine. The lab currently has another five patents pending on small molecules and stem cell technologies. One of our technologies is now in phase II clinical trials.

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Education and Training

  • University College London: Postdoctoral fellowship, Developmental Biology and Anatomy
  • University of Auckland: M.S.
  • University of Canterbury: Ph.D., Biophysics

Previous Positions

  • Medical University of South Carolina Professor, Board of Trustees' Eminent Scholar Co-Director, Cardiovascular Developmental Biology Center

  • Clemson University Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering

Awards and Honors

  • Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund Scholar, beginning 2012
  • MUSC Board of Trustees’ Eminent Scholar, 2008–2012
  • Prizewinner, Charleston Business Journal Innovator, 2006
  • National Science Foundation Early Career Scholar, 1998
  • Developing Scholar Award, MUSC Health Sciences Foundation, 1997
  • Basil O’Connor Scholar, March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, 1996

Selected Publications

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